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Модничаем: осень-зима 2011

Coat - a favorite of the fall season - must be double-breasted, of any length, but shorter is better, along with boots-boots. If weather permits, swing coats (no buttons, like the robe with a belt) in the form of a trapezoid - another focus of autumn.

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At the peak of popularity of long-haired fur hats classical form. If you prefer something extraordinary, choose the cap in the form of headphones, or a modernized version of the cap with earflaps, which, incidentally, goes for most women.


In addition to fur coats, fur this season present in almost all parts of clothing and accessories. In short, fur this season, and full owner the exclusive right to the ball!

Anima formalism

Prints a tiger, zebra, leopard, giraffe and other animals are not only present in the clothes, and decorate a variety of accessories: scarves, bags, gloves, hats

Scandinavian motifs

"Norwegian design" with us again. Bright knitted ornament in the form of geometric shapes, animals and plants is during the cold season is very impressive. Moreover, it can be found not only on the jerseys, but also hats, socks, scarves.

"Sweet Couple" - turtleneck and fluffy skirt made ??of natural wool in the style of the 60s - burst into the fashion world after a long absence.